Unidentified Location, CA (2/4/17): Part 10

These are all 2nd generation recordings and were recorded in the same building.

Clip 1: We did an appropriate re-enactment for the setting. Laura J says, “…[we did] a lot of strange things….” which is followed by a male disembodied voice saying, “We know.” There’s also something at the end of the clip but I’m not sure if it’s another disembodied voice or movement from one of us.

Clip 2: Melissa asks the spirits if they enjoyed our re-enactment. I hear a male disembodied voice saying, “No, we didn’t.”

Clip 3: I ask the spirits what was their favorite thing to buy at the general store. I can hear a female disembodied voice. I can’t make out what it’s saying but I think it’s answering my question.

Clip 4: In this final clip, Joanne asks, “What did a bottle of whiskey cost, back then?” A male voice says,” Give me 44 dozen.”

I’m not certain that this is a disembodied voice because it’s so clear. It wasn’t said by one of us, as everyone in my group that night was female. And, although there were 2 people not on our investigation but on the property with us, they were in a building that wasn’t close to where we were. What do you think: disembodied voice or human?

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