Unidentified Location, CA (2/4/17): Part 3

These were all recorded in one room and are 1st generation recordings.

Clip 1: You’ll hear the group setting up to do an EVP session in the room. At the 8 second mark, you’ll hear a voice say what sounds like, “Who.” Immediately after that, Laura J asks if any of us had just whispered. No one had. I think the “who” is probably what Laura J heard but I don’t know where it came from since it’s not human.

Clip 2: I ask the spirits to tell me the name of the last person to sleep in the room. At the 5 second mark, I can hear a male disembodied voice. Can you hear what it’s saying?

Clip 3: Laura J asks the spirits to tell her when the last human occupants lived in the house. At the 10 second mark, right before Melissa introduces herself, a male disembodied voice speaks. Can you make out what is being said?

I don’t know what non-human said this, but it sure sounds like he’s very relaxed. Note how the last syllable is drawn out.

Clip 4: Melissa asks the spirits if they’re connected to the house or the land. In the silence, I can faintly hear two different voices talking but I can’t make out what they’re saying. I’ve amplified this part of the clip so hopefully you can hear the voices.

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