Unidentified Location, CA (2/4/17): Part 7

Clip 1: This is a 2nd generation recording from the family parlor. This room has both a piano and a mini organ keyboard. Laura J asks the spirits which one they preferred. At the 6 second mark, I can hear an older female disembodied voice say, “The grant piano.”

Clip 2: This is a 2nd generation recording from the formal parlor. We were doing EVP sessions while Laura J was in an isolation session on the stairs. Melissa says, “Since Laura gave you a word to whisper to me, I’ll give you one to whisper to her.” Right after this, I can hear a faint disembodied voice say, “Bean bag,” which is the word Melissa gives to the spirits. And right after this voice, a different disembodied voice says, “Go ahead.”

The following clips were recorded in one of the outbuildings on the property.

Clip 3: You’ll hear several of us talking in this 2nd generation recording. At the 3 second mark, I can hear what sounds like a mechanical disembodied voice say, “It’s an air raid.”

Clip 4: Melissa asks the spirits, “What was your favorite thing to make?” in this 2nd generation clip. A male disembodied voice replies, “Gun powder.”

At the time of the playback, we thought the voice said “pot roast” but, to me, it’s clearly saying “gun powder.” I’ll have to do some research and see if that building would have had a use for or made gun powder at around the time the first owners of the house lived there.

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