Unidentified Location, CA (2/4/17): Part 9

Clip 1: This is a second generation recording. We are standing before a door we can’t enter because this spot is closed off. You’ll hear Lori ask, “If you could, would you let us down there?” I hear a female disembodied voice say, “We would,” followed by another voice that says “yeah.” There are 2 people in a building next to us and they were talking. The male laughter in the background is from one of these people. It’s possible both things were said by these people and are not disembodied spirit voices.

The following clips were all recorded in the same building and are 2nd generation recordings.

Clip 2: Laura J says, “Starting EVP session…” This is followed by a male disembodied voice that says what sounds like, “Help me.” Laura J continues, “…in the barn….” This is immediately followed by another male disembodied voice that says, “We don’t know.”

Clip 3: Lori asks if anyone (human) ever slept in the barn. At the 4 second mark, I can hear a male disembodied voice say what sounds like, “Let me ask a question.”

Clip 4: Lori says, “If there is a….” followed by a male disembodied voice saying, “What we say.”

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