Unidentifiable Location, CA (1/28/17): Kitchen

These clips were recorded during our investigation of the Kitchen. In the background of these clips, you’ll hear the regular ticking of a clock that’s in the Kitchen.

Laura J saw a shadow move several times from some pantry shelves to the kitchen sink, right in back of where Chris was standing. The EDI geophone and EMF meter were also going off when this happened.

Clip 1: You’ll hear Chris say, “Let’s do two” rounds of EVP questions. Then, I hear what sounds like footsteps near us. No one human was walking or making this type of noise. When we were doing the EVP session, Chris could hear footsteps, so it’s likely this is what she was hearing.

Laura J sees a shadow moving near the sink. The EDI is detecting both movement (when no one human was moving) and EMF fluctuations. The vortex dome, which detects static electricity, also went off. And then there’s what sounds like footsteps. I find it very interesting that all 4 things happened while we were investigating in the Kitchen.

Clip 2: The docent asks, “Maurice, what was your favorite painting?” I think it’s a male disembodied voice saying, “The chicken,” followed by the disembodied sound of someone young saying, “Hmmm.”

Clip 3: The Kitchen was added onto the house after it was built. Pam asks where the original kitchen was located. At the 6 second mark, I can hear what sounds like a female disembodied voice that might be saying, “In the Kitchen” or “In the (unclear).”

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