Unidentifiable Location, CA (1/28/17): 2nd Floor, Bedroom Next to Bathroom

These clips were recorded in the Bedroom in the front of the house on the 2nd floor. It is right next to the upstairs bathroom.

Clip 1: You’ll hear some of us talking in the background and a male disembodied voice at the 2 second mark. It sounds to me like it’s saying something like, “Watch out the wall, there’s where I’ll go,” although the last part is a bit unclear.

The group was getting set up to investigate this room. Seems like a spirit also wanted to join us and had spotted his/her place to sit or stand.

Clip 2: Laura J says, “One moment, please.” This is followed by the sound of her moving and unzipping a bag to get another piece of equipment out. As she starts to move, I can hear a loud male disembodied voice. Can you make out what it’s saying?

It’s possible that what I think is an EVP is somehow my mind trying to change the sounds of moving and unzipping into coherent words. Possible. But an entire sentence and one that has some connection to the house we’re investigating?

Clip 3: Laura J is telling us that a spirit has just yanked the back of her hair, “literally.” As she says “literally,” I can hear what sounds like either a long, loud breath or a male saying what might be, “Oh, yeah.”

Clip 4: Pam asks, “What was your…favorite design of eyeglasses?” In her pause, I can hear a loud breath right over my recorder’s microphones. While there were 2 men in our group that night, both of them were on the other side of the room from where my recorder was.

Clip 5: Pam says, “…the light, because I could see.” You’ll also hear Mike say, “Something that’s been on for a long time.” Right after Mike finishes, I hear a breathy male disembodied voice. Can you make out what it’s saying?

Clip 6: Chris is explaining to the spirits why we’re in the house. As she speaks, I can hear several different male disembodied voices but can’t make out what they’re saying.

Clip 7: Mirna asks the spirits to tell us which room upstairs was their favorite. You’ll hear Chris tag, “Moving.” At the 7 second mark, I can hear a female disembodied spirit saying what might be, “Livermore, Paul.”

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