Unidentifiable Location, CA (1/28/17): 2nd Floor, GMB, Part 1

For the sake of identification, this is the room that has the plastic runners on the old carpet and where we conducted a dowsing rod session. (It’s also where Pam’s spirit friend caught up with her and we heard several possible EVPs that said her name.)

Clip 1: Laura J says, “This is going on 3 hours and 54 minutes.” Before she says “54 minutes,” there’s a whispery disembodied male voice at the 2 second mark. Pam and Laura J both hear it in real time. Laura thought it said, “Wait,” but it’s not clear to me what’s being said by the voice.

Clip 2: We are all talking. You’ll hear Pam say, “People walking down the….” I then hear a male disembodied voice say, “Go ahead.”

Clip 3: In the midst of several of us talking, Mirna says, “Look, it’s going off, the little EMF meters.” I then hear a male disembodied voice that says, “We’re looking it up.”

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