No-Name Location, Santa Clara County, CA (2/11/17): Back on the 1st Floor, Water Tank

These were recorded when we went back down to the first floor of the Water Tank.

Clip 1: You’ll hear the sound of us going downstairs. At the time of the recording, I could hear what sounded like a whisper and I tag it as such. I can now hear a male disembodied voice say, “Here we can….”

Clip 2: I need my fellow investigators to help debunk this. You’ll hear Cindy say, “Yeah,” followed by the sound of human footsteps. Then, I can hear a female hum three notes. Normally, the people I investigate with don’t hum but it might be the docent who accompanied us that night. What do you think?

Clip 3: You’ll hear Mike say, “Hey Chris, look at the 50 percent off shelf.” As he says “50 percent,” I can hear a male disembodied voice say what sounds like, “Hey, Miles.”

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