No-Name Location, Santa Clara County, CA (2/11/17): Human or….?

This was recorded when we were upstairs, with most of us in either Uncle Ory or Aunt Bertha’s Rooms.

Laura J was turning off the lights in each of the rooms and checking to see where everyone was located before starting an EVP session. You’ll hear some of us jokingly say “good night” like the Waltons family did in the closing scene of that TV show. Our voices sound slightly echo-y because Laura J is in the hallway and we’re all in rooms off this hallway.

At the 13 second mark, I can hear a female voice say, “Hello.” Although it sounds like Chris, I know it’s not.

It’s a very clear voice and I’m wondering if one of the humans said this. I’m not sure, though, because this was a moment when we were all settling down to be quiet for our EVP session. It seems unlikely one of us would just say “hello,” especially with no response/comment from one of us

Fellow investigators, did one of us say “hello”?

(And do I feel old remembering when I watched “The Waltons” on TV. The show aired from 1971-1981.)

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