No-Name Location, Santa Clara County, CA (2/11/17): Tool Barn

These clips were recorded in the part of the Barn where all the old tools are stored.

This is also the location where Mike’s equipment carrier fell over for no explainable reason. This is quite a feat for his carrier, as it has a flat bottom. It’s specifically constructed to not fall over. I guess the spirits wanted to see what tools Mike brought with him!

Clip 1: This was recorded during a silent moment. I hear a male voice say what sounds like, “Shooting seat.” For the people who were on this investigation with me, does anyone remember saying this or something like it when we were on the first floor of the Tool Barn? This would’ve been at the very beginning of our time in this location as we were busy setting up equipment. It doesn’t sound like any one of us. The Echovox and Ovilus were not on at this time.

Clip 2: Laura is asking if she can buy a lot of land. At the 9 second mark, I can hear a female voice say what sounds like, “Alyssa” or “Melissa.” I’m not sure if this is a disembodied voice. At one point in our EVP session, some people walked by and we could hear them talking. It’s possible the voice I’m hearing is coming from them.

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