No-Name Location, Santa Clara County, CA (2/11/17): Dining Room

This was the last location of the night. We were all in the Dining Room.

Clip 1: You’ll hear several of us talking in the background. I then hear a male disembodied voice. It sounds like it’s saying, “Laura” and something like “Oxygen.”

Clip 2: Sue, our docent, cranked up the old music box on display in the Dining Room so we could listen to it before we left. You’ll hear the music in the background. Within the first second of the clip, I can hear what sounds like a possible male disembodied voice say, “Sittin in the downstairs.”

It’s possible that this is not a disembodied voice and is instead a distortion of the music. It’s interesting that, to me, it sounds like a male voice saying something pretty coherent.

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