USS Hornet (7/28/17): Interesting Sounds in Gedunk

The public 3-hour tour (History Mystery tour a.k.a. “Gilligan’s Island Tour”) on 7/28/17 seemed, on the surface, to be pretty quiet. As usual, though, the audio reveals that a lot more was happening beyond what we could hear with our own ears at the time of the recordings.

This clip was recorded in the Gedunk (snack bar).

At the beginning of the clip, you’ll hear Laura J say that she’s taking the group down one level to the Brig. I tell Laura J that I’ll stay by myself in the Gedunk while they go to the Brig. Throughout the clip, you’ll also hear a soft, continuous buzzing in the background; this is coming from something electrical (not paranormal) in the Gedunk compartment.

Remember: I’m alone in the Gedunk, everyone else in my group was down one level and I couldn’t hear them at all. We were the only group in this part of the ship. I’m also sitting in the dark.

At the 46 second mark, there’s a sound that, to me, sounded like it was coming from the ship’s public announcement speakers. We use the PA speakers to alert groups when it’s time to rotate to the next compartment on the History Mystery tour. Then, at the 48 second mark, similar sounds can be heard.

At the time of the recording, I first thought the sounds were coming from static on the PA speakers, so I didn’t tag them. At the 1:05 mark, you’ll hear the actual PA speakers telling us to rotate.

I was a bit confused after the rotate announcement. I realized that the PA speaker was somewhere to the left of where I was sitting, and what I heard sounded like it came from my right side, on the other end (the back) of the Gedunk. So the sounds were not coming from the PA speaker and don’t sound like the voice announcing time to rotate.

At the 1:17 mark, I realize what I’ve heard could be paranormal and so tag it for the audio recorders. While I’m describing what I heard, you’ll hear a long, high pitched whistle. I can’t tell you what was whistling but I can tell you that, after more than a dozen investigations aboard the USS Hornet, I’ve never heard something like that before.

The clip ends with me telling the recorders that, realizing I wasn’t hearing static over the PA speaker, I think what I heard was something moving to the right of me at the back of the Gedunk.

Listening to the clip now, I realize that the “PA system” sounds are a sequence that’s repeated twice. The second time, the sounds are much clearer but they’re exactly the same as the sounds in the first time. The second time, I can make out what sounds like “I hope not,” but this may just be pareidolia on my part.

What I’m hearing is a mystery to me, although it’s possible that the sounds are mechanical in nature because they sound like they repeat.

I’ll have to let the “old-timers” (the other docents who have volunteered for a while and are more familiar with the normal sounds of the ship) listen to the clip. Maybe they’ll know what those sounds are (not paranormal). But I’m hoping not, because, well, it might be paranormal!

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