Washoe Club (8/31/16): Part 1

These audio clips were recorded in the (in)famous Washoe Club on 8/31/16 in Virginia City, Nevada during a private investigation. We were the only group in the building and the bar downstairs had closed for the night. There were no men in our group. After listening to all the audio from this location, I can say that, in nearly four years of investigations, I’ve never found so many possible EVPs./p>

Clip 1: In this 2nd generation recording, Cindy asks, “Who just made that noise out there by the stairs?” Near the end of the clip, a male disembodied voice can be heard faintly saying what might be, “Time to walk.”

Clip 2: In this clip, Laura J says “…started in the actual….” followed by Joke who says, “Uh huh, OK.” In between the “uh huh” and “ok,” a male disembodied voice can heard saying what sounds like, “Spare change.”

Clip 3: In this clip, no one human is talking. There are 2 disembodied voices. The first one says, “Don’t think about it,” and the second one says what sounds like, “That’s lonesome.”

Clip 4: Laura J says, “These windows are open [unclear].” Right after this, a male disembodied voice says, “What’s that?” Laura J continues talking by saying, “Try not to freak yourselves out tonight.”

Clip 5: No one human is talking but in the background, a disembodied female voice says what sounds like, “There’s blood in every room.”

Clip 6: You’ll hear me say, “…on the animals,” followed by a creak. Right after the creak, a male disembodied voice says, “Yes.”

Clip 7: In the background, you’ll hear several women from our group talking. In the middle of this, a male disembodied voice clearly says, “Fuck.”

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