Washoe Club (8/31/16): Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the audio clips of possible EVPs that were recorded in the Washoe Club on 8/31/16 during a nighttime investigation.

Clip 1: Someone’s stomach growls and Laura J tags, “Stomach.” Right after this, a bell can be heard ringing once, followed by a male disembodied voice that faintly says what sounds like, “That’s Mr. Heiniken.”

Clip 2: Earlier that night, I experienced some difficulties setting up my video camera in the “toy room.” I ask the spirits if they thought that was “funny or annoying.” A male disembodied voice replies, “Disgusted.”

clip 3: You’ll hear us in the background moving about. I can hear 2 different male disembodied voices. The first one says what sounds like, “I have to go,” followed by another one that says, “Let her go.” At the time of the recording, I did hear something speak and I ask Joanne (who is the closest to me) if she’d said something to me. She hadn’t.

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