Washoe Club (8/31/16): Part 5

These 2nd generation audio clips were recorded on 8/31/16 at the Washoe Club in Virginia City, NV during a nighttime investigation.

Clip 1: Laura J asks if a spirit who cheated at card games while living will come forth and admit to doing this. At the 11 second mark, a male disembodied voice says what sounds like, “How’d it go?”

Clip 2: I ask the gentlemen playing cards for their drink orders. At the 12 second mark, I can hear a male disembodied voice say, “Stop here, if you’d like.”

Clip 3: Joke asks the spirits, “We have women here, what’s your type?” At the 7 second mark, I can hear a female disembodied voice say, “Saturday,” followed by another faint female voice. I can’t make out what the other disembodied voice is saying.

Clip 4: Michelle asks if the male spirits ever cheated on their wives with someone they met at the Washoe Club. At the 20 second mark, I can hear a deep male disembodied voice say, “Bullshit.”

Clip 5: Laura J is wrapping up an EVP session and thanking the spirits for their participation. At the 7 second mark, I can hear a male disembodied voice say what sounds like, “Stop it, Earl.”

Clip 6: Laura J tells the spirits, “I was just in Grass Valley on…Monday.” Before Laura J says “Monday,” a male disembodied voice says, “Monday.”


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