“Gold Country” Location (7/1/17): First EVPs!

I’ve just started listening to my audio recordings for an investigation I did on 7/1/17 with my 4-person group at a location in California’s Gold Country that I cannot identify. I’m just 11 **seconds** into my first audio file and have found 2 possible EVPs! Hopefully that means more EVPs elsewhere in my recordings. Here are the first 2.

I’ve just started my digital voice recorder and am tagging the date of the investigation. After I say, “2017,” a possible male disembodied voice says, “Who’s that?” I guess the spirits wanted to know who we were!

I then tag the location where we are starting our investigation. At the 10 second mark, a different male disembodied voice clearly says, “Court room.”

There was only one man in the investigation group that night and neither of these two different male voices are his. We were the only ones in the building.

What a great way to start off an investigation!

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