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Unidentifiable Location, CA (1/28/17): The Nelly Room

These clips were recorded in the downstairs bedroom, where one of the daughters died. Clip 1: Pam asks if the family grew crops when the children were growing up. The Echovox app says, "And grain." Clip 2: This is a 2nd generation recording. Laura J asks the spirit of the daughter if one of the dresses on display was what she wore during her viewing after she passed away. Near the end of the clip, I can hear a female voice say what sounds like, "That's what I say/said." Read more [...]

Unidentifiable Location, California (1/13/17): Part 3, the Echovox Session

We tried using the Echovox app on my phone. I'm not sure the app actually works but it's always fun when it says relevant things based on what we're talking about. Clip 1: I say, "Hi!" to the spirits. It sounds like the app quickly says back, "Hi" before one of us laughs. Clip 2: Chris asks if anyone brought an Ovilus. The app says what sounds like, "Odd ball." This is relevant because, throughout the night, we'd been joking about balls. I have to provide some background Read more [...]

Alameda Naval Air Museum (6/20/15): In the “Clinton Room”

The "Clinton Room" is located next to the "Obama"/model airplane room on the 3rd floor. These clips were recorded here. It's called the "Clinton Room" because there's a photo of President Clinton. The EVPs are 1st generation recordings. We also had an Echovox (Android app) session and I've included some interesting responses using the app. Clip 1: In this clip, you'll hear me explain what the Echovox app is. At the end, I say, "This is like the spirit box. Sorry." At the 7 second mark, Read more [...]

Reno Hotel (8/29/14): Responses from the Echovox App

Here are some responses from the Echovox app (EV) received on Friday, 8/29/14. On this night, Laura J, Pam, and I investigated our rooms. I've put the room number in parenthesis. Laura J had room 300. Pam had room 250. And I had room 675. In each of the clips, you'll hear someone/something speak what sounds like partial words or syllables. That's the app at work. The theory is that the spirits can manipulate these sounds into complete words that we can understand. Clip 1 (675): You'll Read more [...]

Private Location (9/5/14): Miscellaneous Audio Clips from This Location

This wound up being a great investigation and I'm really pleased with all the audio evidence I caught. The spirits were definitely present and active. They seemed to enjoy interacting with my group or at least enjoy swearing at us/me. The house has a long history of people who've lived in it, so there's a lot to tell the living. I'll end this investigation wrap up with these clips. Clip 1: This is interesting, given that the house is supposedly haunted. You'll hear Catherine ask, "Can Read more [...]

Private Location (9/5/14): Echovox in the Dining Room

More clips from an Echovox session in the Dining Room. Clip 1: This was said in the Dining Room, during a lull in the investigation. It's as if someone/something is checking to see if we're still there. Clip 2: Bob had to leave the house to run an errand. I asked the spirits to name the man who'd just left. I hear "Bob," his name, said twice. Clip 3: You'll hear me say to the spirits, "OK, you can use this [the Echovox app] to talk." The app responds with, "talk." Read more [...]

Private Location (9/5/14): Echovox in the Mirror Room

In these clips, my group was using the Echovox app so the spirits could talk to us. Here's the best clips from this room. Clip 1: Laura J says, "OK, can you tell me what comes after four?" The word "five" comes from the Echovox app. (It's also possible that, after I recognize the app has said "five," the app also says "six" before it says "five" for the 2nd time.) Clip 2: Calling Dr. Cannibal! I ask, "What was the last meal you ate as a human being?" Clip 3: I ask, "What did Read more [...]