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USS Potomac (3/29/15): Wrap-Up

This was my first visit to the USS Potomac. I met up with friends to see if we could catch anything on a regular public tour. Jeff Dwyer, noted local paranormal investigator and writer, reports the yacht is haunted by ghosts of the Roosevelt era, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt used the Potomac as the Presidential Yacht. Laura J had also heard the same thing from other sources. So it was time to check it out! Based on what I found in my recordings, I have to say that there are definitely Read more [...]

Private Investigation (1/24/15): Investigation Wrap-Up

This is my fourth time investigating this house and I must say that it never disappoints me. Each investigation has felt different from all the others and special every single time. I love investigating this place for some reason. I knew from the beginning that this was going to be an active investigation. Before anyone else arrived at the house, I was sitting in my car parked on the side of the house. I was reading my tablet as I waited for the others to arrive, but I kept getting distracted Read more [...]

USS Hornet (9/19/14): Investigation Wrap-Up

I participated in a special investigation aboard the USS Hornet for the members of Bay Area Ghost Hunters. Yes, that's right--Our group of approximately 30 people had the entire ship to ourselves for the night! I've investigated the Hornet a handful of times in the past and always had a good time; this one was special because of the size of our group and that I got to ghost hunt with friends. Some say the Hornet is one of the most haunted places in the United States and, after all my investigations, Read more [...]

Meek Mansion (6/28/14): Summary of Investigation

I first investigated Meek Mansion on 5/24/14 and caught a lot of EVPs, so I was pretty excited to go again on 6/28/14 and see/hear what I could find. I have to say that, at the end of the night on my drive home on 6/28/14, I was feeling a bit disappointed. My group did many EVP playback sessions throughout the night while on site but didn't seem to catch any EVPs. The spirits seemed very quiet with my group. We certainly weren't getting anything like the other group did (lots of EVPs, flashlight Read more [...]