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Unnamed Location, CA (10/21/16): Barn

These clips were recorded in the Barn, the area set up for performances and larger groups. Clip 1: Laura J says, "They have all their little pom poms by the door." As she talks, a disembodied male voice can be heard moaning. Clip 2: You'll hear Mike singing the song, "Masquerade," from "The Phantom of the Opera." Besides the fact that Mike has a great singing voice, a male disembodied spirit can be heard lazily saying, "Alright." Clip 3: Chris says, "Hey, we investigated Read more [...]

Alameda Naval Air Museum (6/20/15): Overheard in the Uniform Room

These clips were recorded in the Uniform Room on the 3rd floor. We were allowed to try on some of the items that are stored in this room. Clip 1: You'll hear me say, "It wasn't 'Heil, Hitler' but something like...." James says, "Comrade?" A disembodied male voice says, "I'm sad." This is followed by another disembodied male voice that says something I can't make out. Can you hear what the second disembodied male voice says? Clip 2: Vicki tried on an old gas mask. In this clip, Read more [...]

Reno Hotel (8/29/14): SB 7 Responses

These clips are recorded responses from the SB 7 spirit box. The SB 7 sweeps across the available FM radio frequencies very quickly and backwards, so all you're hear is a single syllable or, at times, a whole, short word. Going backwards increases the likelihood that a SB 7 response is not a human voice coming in over the frequency but is more likely to be a possible spirit response. The number of the room where the clip was recorded is included in the parenthesis. Note that the majority of Read more [...]

Reno Hotel (8/28/14): What the Olympus 1 Recorded in Room 180

These are all 1st generation recordings from the Olympus 1 DVR. Clip 1: You'll hear me say, "OK, tell me if you want me to take the toys [used as trigger objects] out." You'll clearly hear a voice over mine that says "Hi." Marcy then says, "Break, much, stairs." She's telling us what the Ovilus app had just said. Right after her, I can hear something say "Here" before Laura J speaks. Clip 2: Marcy says, "I can hear a man answering these questions. Are you in here by yourself or are Read more [...]

Reno Hotel (8/28/14): More Zoom Clips from Room 180

These are all 1st generation recordings from the Zoom in Room 180. Clip 1: You'll hear me say, "OK, we have 3 video cameras so feel free to be a shadow or..." followed by a male voice. Can you make out what's being said? Sounds like a defiant spirit. My kind of spirit! Clip 2: You'll hear me introduce myself and then say, "I'm going to order a pizza. What do you want on it?" Can you hear what the spirits want on their pizza? It's said very quickly and faintly, so definitely use Read more [...]

McConaghy House (6/14/14): What the SB7 Had to Say in the Attic

I'm still ambivalent about using the SB7. Here are some of the clips that sounded most relevant and clear to the questions being asked. Clip 1: You'll hear Nick, our docent, explain how the SB7 spirit box works. He says, "You'll know when it's a spirit communicating." At the 7 second mark, I hear a gruff "yes." It sounds like an EVP. After that, I hear a few more "yes" answers. Clip 2: Nick asks, "How many spirits are up here with us?" A very clear "eight" comes across. What's Read more [...]