Favorite EVP Clips

Here are some of my favorite EVP clips.

Clip 1: This was recorded on 5/28/16 on the front step of the Admiral’s Mansion on Mare Island, as our group waited for the Tour Guide to open the front door. The beginning of the clip starts off with one of us laughing. Right after this and before Lou says, “Not quite!”, I can hear a disembodied voice say what sounds like, “We are home” or “We got home.” A relevant statement given the context. Perhaps this is something that was said by one the many families who lived in the Mansion.

Clip 2: This was recorded on 9/10/16 at a location I cannot identify except to say that it is in the San Francisco Bay Area. 3 of us are going into isolation sessions on the 2nd floor of the building we are investigating. You’ll hear Chris say, “And how long are we going to stay in here?” This is followed my some human talk and then a clear disembodied voice. Can you make out what the voice is saying?

This is not an EVP as I could clearly hear the voice at the time of the recording. The disembodied voice sounded like it was coming from right behind me and, at first, I was sure it was one of the humans who said it. But only women were upstairs with me and the disembodied voice is male. I guess the spirit was trying to be helpful.

Clip 3: This was recorded on 2/11/17 at a location in Santa Clara County, CA that I cannot identify. It had never been investigated before. This is clearly an EVP as no one in the group would have said something like this. There’s no need to. It should be pretty clear what the disembodied voice is saying.

(Chris is the name of one of the other investigators who was with me that night.)

Clip 4: This was recorded at a location in California on 1/28/17 that I cannot identify. It had been investigated only once before my group visited. It is a very active location and I found a number of possible EVP clips. This one is the clearest–and most interesting–of all my clips from this location.

Clip 5: This was recorded on 10/21/16 at an unidentifiable location in California. The location has several different buildings on site, including a house that was once owned and lived in by a family. We are in this house packing up our equipment. Laura J says, “The Vortex Dome goes off as I’m going by…..” As she says, “goes off,” a male disembodiedd spirit can be heard and it sounds like it’s referring to Laura J’s movement at the time.

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