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Private Location (9/5/14): Two Spirits Talking to Each Other

This is a 2nd generation recording from the "conference" room. We're listening to a playback of an EVP session we've just completed. I say, "I'm hearing all kinds of stuff" on the recording being played back and Laura J agrees. A non-human voice says faintly, "Shut it off." At the 3 second mark, I hear another spirit say, "It's off." It may take you a few times to pick up either voice, because they're just a bit louder than the white noise coming from the playback. I haven't enhanced Read more [...]

Private Location (9/5/14): “No, They Aren’t”

In the...yes, you guessed it: the "conference" room. We're in the middle of a round of poker. Laura J asks me, "How many" new cards I want, and I say, "Three, please." Listen for the other voice that speaks in between "three" and "please." Note 1: This clip was recorded right after someone says, "They're mine," possibly referring to the vase that was sitting on the table, so maybe it's related to that. Or else the spirit wanted Laura J's playing cards! Note 2: Do not play poker with Read more [...]

Private Location (9/5/14): Curious (Maybe) Spirit?

Once again, in the “conference” room. Laura J was deciding which of her many DVRs (4, last time I counted) she was going to use to record the quick EVP session we’re about to do. She says, “I’m actually going to use the “Cathy recorder,” too.” I hear an inquisitive spirit want to know what’s going on. Can you hear it?

Private Location (9/5/14): Well, It’s Better than Them Swearing At Us

My group was in the "conference" room. We had started a round of questions for a quick EVP session. Laura was telling the group to wait 7 seconds between questions, to allow the spirits time to respond. Right after she says this, I hear someone/something apologize. It wasn't Bob or Jeanette or me, the other people in the room. Can you make it out? Note: I've amplified the part of the clip where the possible EVP is to make it easier to hear. This is also a 2nd generation recording, taken Read more [...]

Private Location (9/5/14): Who Do They Belong To?

My group was in the "conference" room. We were sitting around the table and Laura was dealing us a hand of poker as a "trigger event" to see if it stirred up any spirit activity. There is a large vase sitting on the middle of the table. You'll hear Laura say, "It's hard dealing around artifacts [the vase]." You'll hear Jeanette laugh and then a voice that says 2 words. The words should be pretty easy to hear, because the voice is so loud. That voice sounds a little too clear and loud, Read more [...]

Private Location (9/5/14): Confirming Some House History

Before visiting this location, I made sure to do some research on it and learn some of the history that's happened between the house's walls. The house was built in the first part of the 20th century, so it's got quite a lot of history. Based on the history of the house, I prepared a list of questions with their factual answers. I wanted to see if anyone non-human at the house could confirm the information I'd learned. I found 2 instances where that may have happened. Clip 1: In this Read more [...]

Private Location (9/5/14): Where?

This is a 2nd generation recording taken from Laura J’s DVR.

You’ll hear me ask, “Where did the police arrest Dr. Hiccup, the imposter?” (I was asking a question about a previous occupant of the house.)

There’s a response at the 5 second mark.

And what do you think of this: The voice is correct.

Private Investigation (9/5/14): “What Did I Do with That?”

This is a long clip but I think it's a good example of the more...interactive nature of our communicating with the spirits in/of the house. I have several other clips, from other parts of the house during the night, where a similar type of interaction happens. In this clip, the group is on its break. I am sitting out in the Sun Room and have put my DVR on the wooden desk that's out there. Laura J, who's set up her stuff around the desk, is looking for something. You'll hear her say, "What Read more [...]