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Alameda Naval Air Museum (7/26/14): “Yes, We Are”

This is our last round of questions for our last EVP session of a very eventful night. Laura J's group was in the nice sitting area in the back of the Library. You'll hear me ask, "Are you sad that we're going to be leaving soon?" I hear a response to my question. Note: I have reduced the background hiss (this is a 2nd generation recording) and amplified the sounds so you can hear it better. Thanks, you guys (and women). I live in Alameda, so I'll stop by on another day to talk with Read more [...]

Alameda Naval Air Museum (7/26/14): While on Break

This was recorded during our break in the Crows Nest during the investigation. My DVR was on the table where I was sitting. You can hear Laura J talking and then what is a very clear and direct EVP. It's an EVP because no one around me said anything, none of us would have said it, and I don't think anyone was thinking it at the time. Give a listen and let me know what you hear. (Good thing I didn't hear this at the time!) Read more [...]

Alameda Naval Air Museum (7/26/14): Someone in the Chapel….

This clip is from when Laura J's group was in the Chapel and setting up. First of all, you'll hear a low hum in the background because the electric organ is on. You'll also hear Mike noodling around on the organ. Debbie and Laura J are also softly talking in the background. In the middle of all that, I can hear a male voice saying something very clearly. He sounds a bit desperate. It's sad for me to imagine that there's a male spirit hanging out in the Chapel waiting for help. I wish Read more [...]