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McConaghy House (6/14/14): In the Basement, Part 2

Here are some more EVPs caught in the Basement of the McConaghy House. Clip 1: You'll hear Mike say, "Coming from over there [referring to a sound he just heard], that flashlight," and Laura J agree with him. At 4 seconds, I can clearly hear something and it sounds like the same thing said in Clip 8 in Part 1 of In the Basement. Clip 1 happened about 2 minutes after Clip 8/Part 1. What are the chances of catching the same EVP twice in such a short amount of time? Or was this one of the humans, Read more [...]

McConaghy House (6/14/14): In the Basement, Part 1

After our break, I switched groups and went with Laura J's group. We were in the basement when these were recorded. These are all 2nd generation recordings that came from Laura J's DVR and were recorded when she played her recording back to the group right after the EVP session ended. Clip 1: You'll hear Elizabeth ask, "Do you like to drink tea?" At 3 seconds, I can hear 4 syllables of something being said but I can't figure out the words. Earlier in the evening, when I was with my Read more [...]