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Meek Mansion (6/28/14): Dining Room

Sorry for the delay in posting clips but work intervened. I've listened to all of my recordings and will be posting quite a few new clips over the next day or so. The overview for all my clips is this: While not as active (in terms of catching EVPs) as my first visit to the Meek on 5/24/14, I still caught a lot of them. These are from the Dining Room. Clip 1: For some reason, there were a lot of hairpins on the carpet in the Dining Room. It was an odd sight and Cathy asked, "Where did Read more [...]

Pardee Home Museum (6/1/14): From the Dining Room

These clips are taken from my recording in the Dining Room at the Pardee Home on 6/1/14. There was noise coming from the people talking in the room. I've posted only those clips that I thought were clear or odd. All of these clips are 1st generation recordings. In the clips, it's possible that I'm picking up a human person talking or whispering. I've identified those instances so you can listen to the clip and figure out who's talking. Clip 1: You'll hear Laura J talking about a past investigation Read more [...]