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Meek Mansion (6/28/14): DVR 2 in the Kitchen

While my group was in the Dining Room, Jim kept seeing shadows moving in the Kitchen doorway. Jim was seeing so many shadows that I placed my second DVR (DVR 2) on the floor in the Kitchen doorway to see (hear) if I could catch any EVPs while we continued on in the DR. The full recording of this session is just over 30 minutes long. (So 6 possible EVPs in 30 minutes, maybe the Meek was more active than I thought!) All of these clips come from DVR 2. The first 3 clips were recorded on DVR 2 Read more [...]

McConaghy House (6/14/14): Kitchen, “Get It Off”

My group was doing a quick EVP session in the kitchen using Mike's DVR. There were some responses but this one is the clearest. In the clip, you'll hear "Get if off" at the 2 second mark, right after Chris says, "Let's just [garbled]." We had just finished a quick EVP session and Mike was turning his DVR off. At the time when this was replayed while we were in the kitchen, the group thought the words were, "Turn it off," and we all wondered if Mike had said that before turning off his DVR. Read more [...]