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McConaghy House (6/14/14): In the Music Room

Sorry for the delay in posting these clips, but life and work intervened. It's only just now that I'm getting around to posting my clips from the McConaghy House which I investigated on 6/14/14. My group (John, Keena, Tery, Chris, Mike, Nick (docent), and me) started the night off in the Music Room. On the surface of it, things seemed pretty quiet but I was able to record these possible EVPs. Clip 1: In this clip, you'll hear Chris finish her sentence with "front parlor," followed by Tery Read more [...]

McConaghy House (6/14/14): More from the Carriage House

The first set of clips are all 1st generation recordings caught during the group session in the Carriage House at the end of the evening. I have another set of EVPs from this session, all recorded from Laura J's playback, posted under the title, "From the Group Session in the Carriage House." Clip 1: You'll hear Laura J say, "But he hasn't gotten back to me." I then hear a male voice whisper, "What? Wow." The closest male to me was Mike, who was standing opposite me. Mike: Is it possible Read more [...]

McConaghy House (6/14/14): In the Basement, Part 2

Here are some more EVPs caught in the Basement of the McConaghy House. Clip 1: You'll hear Mike say, "Coming from over there [referring to a sound he just heard], that flashlight," and Laura J agree with him. At 4 seconds, I can clearly hear something and it sounds like the same thing said in Clip 8 in Part 1 of In the Basement. Clip 1 happened about 2 minutes after Clip 8/Part 1. What are the chances of catching the same EVP twice in such a short amount of time? Or was this one of the humans, Read more [...]

McConaghy House (6/14/14): In the Basement, Part 1

After our break, I switched groups and went with Laura J's group. We were in the basement when these were recorded. These are all 2nd generation recordings that came from Laura J's DVR and were recorded when she played her recording back to the group right after the EVP session ended. Clip 1: You'll hear Elizabeth ask, "Do you like to drink tea?" At 3 seconds, I can hear 4 syllables of something being said but I can't figure out the words. Earlier in the evening, when I was with my Read more [...]

McConaghy House (6/14/14): What the SB7 Had to Say in the Attic

I'm still ambivalent about using the SB7. Here are some of the clips that sounded most relevant and clear to the questions being asked. Clip 1: You'll hear Nick, our docent, explain how the SB7 spirit box works. He says, "You'll know when it's a spirit communicating." At the 7 second mark, I hear a gruff "yes." It sounds like an EVP. After that, I hear a few more "yes" answers. Clip 2: Nick asks, "How many spirits are up here with us?" A very clear "eight" comes across. What's Read more [...]

OK. Now this one **has** to be one of us because it's so clear. It sounds like Mike talking softly, although I don't remember him saying anything. It doesn't sound like John, and Nick was across the room. Does anyone want to own this voice or identify who said it? When I first heard this one, I jumped a bit. It sounds so clear and like someone was softly saying it in my ear. Read more [...]

McConaghy House (6/14/14): Kitchen, “Get It Off”

My group was doing a quick EVP session in the kitchen using Mike's DVR. There were some responses but this one is the clearest. In the clip, you'll hear "Get if off" at the 2 second mark, right after Chris says, "Let's just [garbled]." We had just finished a quick EVP session and Mike was turning his DVR off. At the time when this was replayed while we were in the kitchen, the group thought the words were, "Turn it off," and we all wondered if Mike had said that before turning off his DVR. Read more [...]

McConaghy House (6/14/14): Front Parlor Grunt

This is for the guys who were in Chris' group. In this clip, Chris is doing a pendulum session and asks if John recognizes Mike from his past visit to the House. You'll hear an airplane drone slowly increase but in the middle of that you'll also hear a grunt, moan, or groan. To me, it sounds like a grunt--and I'll go so far as to say it's one from an old man, as if he's trying to get up from a chair or do something similar that requires some effort. Guys, could this be one of you? Read more [...]

McConaghy House (6/14/14): Front Parlor, an Answer to Mike’s Question

Here's another clip from the Front Parlor. Chris had started a pendulum session. You'll hear Mike say, "Ask him [John] if he needs help." I hear a weird 2 syllable sound or beat which I think might be a car going over something on Hesperian Blvd. A few seconds after that, I hear a reply to Mike's question, followed by what sounds like a complete breath (in and out). My question is this: Chris or Tery, could this be one of you unconsciously answering Mike's question? I don't think it's Read more [...]