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Meek Mansion (6/28/14): Summary of Investigation

I first investigated Meek Mansion on 5/24/14 and caught a lot of EVPs, so I was pretty excited to go again on 6/28/14 and see/hear what I could find. I have to say that, at the end of the night on my drive home on 6/28/14, I was feeling a bit disappointed. My group did many EVP playback sessions throughout the night while on site but didn't seem to catch any EVPs. The spirits seemed very quiet with my group. We certainly weren't getting anything like the other group did (lots of EVPs, flashlight Read more [...]

Meek Mansion (6/28/14): Pre-Investigation Clips

When I'm on an investigation, I have a DVR recording the entire time I'm at the site, from the moment I get there until the moment I leave. It's part of my protocol. This includes before the investigation begins. All of these clips were recorded in the Carriage House prior to the start of the investigation. I had my DVR on the table in front of me. As you'll (hopefully) hear, there was quite a lot of activity before the investigation began. Clip 1: This is interesting and involves 2 different Read more [...]

Meek Mansion (6/28/14): Miscellaneous Places

This set of clips were recorded in different parts of the house. For each clip, I've identified the location. Clip 1 (Basement): This is a funny one. Marcy asks the spirits, "Are we a more exciting group than the last group that was down here?" because our group knew that Laura J's group heard a lot of EVPs in the Basement. My group weren't really hearing anything. The funny part is that the spirits answer her--at least 4 that I can count. Note: I've amplified the part between 3 and 7 seconds Read more [...]

Meek Mansion (6/28/14): DVR 2 in the Kitchen

While my group was in the Dining Room, Jim kept seeing shadows moving in the Kitchen doorway. Jim was seeing so many shadows that I placed my second DVR (DVR 2) on the floor in the Kitchen doorway to see (hear) if I could catch any EVPs while we continued on in the DR. The full recording of this session is just over 30 minutes long. (So 6 possible EVPs in 30 minutes, maybe the Meek was more active than I thought!) All of these clips come from DVR 2. The first 3 clips were recorded on DVR 2 Read more [...]

Meek Mansion (6/28/14): Dining Room

Sorry for the delay in posting clips but work intervened. I've listened to all of my recordings and will be posting quite a few new clips over the next day or so. The overview for all my clips is this: While not as active (in terms of catching EVPs) as my first visit to the Meek on 5/24/14, I still caught a lot of them. These are from the Dining Room. Clip 1: For some reason, there were a lot of hairpins on the carpet in the Dining Room. It was an odd sight and Cathy asked, "Where did Read more [...]

Meek Mansion (5/24/14): Stray Clips

Here are some clips from different parts of Meek Mansion. Clip 1: While in the Servants' Quarters on the 2nd floor, Chris felt very strongly that someone at some time had jumped out one of the windows. This led her to ask if someone had jumped. The docent said she'd heard that someone had done that. Diane asked, "Was it a servant who jumped out of the window or just someone else who worked in the house?" In the middle of this, I hear a voice at the 4 second mark saying, "Servant jumped [garbled]." Clip Read more [...]

Meek Mansion (5/24/14): From the Front Parlor, Part 2

Here/hear are the EVPs caught in the Front Parlor of Meek Mansion on 5/24/14. There were some really interesting EVPs and activity going on when my group was there, along with all those odd thumps, thuds, knocking, and footsteps (Part 1). Clip 1A: This is a 2nd generation recording. You'll hear Laura J coughing, followed by an EVP that sounds like, "OK, now." It sounds like the spirits were concerned about Laura J., who just had a bad coughing fit. What's weird is that, at the time of the Read more [...]

Meek Mansion (5/24/14): From the Front Parlor, Part 1

[This week, I will be posting the rest of my EVPs and other odd sounds from the Meek Mansion investigation on 5/24/14. I'm in a bit of a rush to do so, as I am returning to Meek Mansion on Saturday, 6/28/14, for another investigation. I don't want to get behind on my EVP analysis! This sampling will give you a small sense of the types of other sounds my group heard while in the Front Parlor. The first floor was pretty noisy with other sounds coming from elsewhere in the Mansion. A good example Read more [...]

Meek Mansion (5/24/14): Voices (and Other Things) from the Basement, Part 2

In this post, I continue presenting the EVPs I caught in the Basement. (To hear the first set of clips from this location at Meek Mansion, look for Voices (and Other Things) from the Basement, Part 1.) Clip 1: In this clip, you'll hear someone say, "...need a walkie talkie..." At the 3 second mark, I hear someone/something say either "ringer" or "bring her." I'm pretty sure this isn't Mike (the voice sounds male) but I'm not completely sure that this is an EVP. There's some kind of noise Read more [...]

Meek Mansion (5/24/14): Voices (and Other Things) from the Basement, Part 1

In the Basement, I chose not to go down into the cistern, which is accessible from the basement. I'm not quite sure why I didn't go down, since normally I like that kind of stuff. While Diane, Chris, Mike, and Laura J went down into the cistern, I stayed in the basement with Donna and Nikki. I have to report that I could hear music in the background while in the basement, but the music wasn't coming from anything or anyone in the basement. It sounded like someone's radio or a party going on Read more [...]