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Pardee Home (6/1/14): Here and There

These recordings were caught at different places in the Pardee Home. I've identified the location or area where I was at the time of the recording. All of these clips are 1st generation recordings. Note: I have more clips than just these 3 recorded in different places in the Home but I'm not posting most of them. What I think sounds like an EVP could, more likely, be the the normal breathing of the docent as he talked. Most of those "EVPs" sound like "yeah" or "Ann," and there's far too many Read more [...]

Pardee Home Tour and Channeling (6/1/14): Wow, Those Spirits are Talkative!

I've just started reviewing my 3 hour recording of the tour and channeling session at the Pardee Home on 6/1/14, but I'm already finding what I think are EVPs and couldn't wait to post this one. Take a listen. This is a long clip but I wanted you to get a sense of the conversation that was going on at the time this was recorded. In the clip, you'll hear 2 women talking about the large wooden hutch (I think that's what it is, the thing is enormous!) in the dining room. This is near the beginning Read more [...]

Cohen Bray House (Oakland, CA 3/1/14)

I've gone over the evidence I collected during the nighttime investigation on Saturday, 3/1/14, of the Cohen Bray House located in Oakland, California.  Nothing spectacular to report, except that I caught my first EVP!  Not bad, considering this was my first time using my investigation strategy.  (While I've gone on several ghost hunts prior to the Cohen Bray House, I didn't really have a system set up to collect evidence.  This time, I did.) I've selected the following snippets from the full Read more [...]