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Private Location (8/22/14): Whiskey or Scotch?

I'd brought some alcohol in little, unopened bottles to this location to use as trigger objects and left them in the Home Office, which seemed to be a room that was used and enjoyed by the men of the house. In this clip, you'll hear me say, "My name is Ann. Do you want me to leave the whiskey or scotch behind [when I leave]?" You'll hear the outdoor concert in the background. This is a 2nd generation clip from my Olympus DVR. As we're listening to the replay in the Office, you'll hear Read more [...]

Private Location (8/22/14): Is Jim a “dumb ass”?

There are some rude and outspoken spirits at this location! My group was in the Office and we'd heard a possible EVP that called Jim a "dumb ass." On a previous visit, someone/something had called Jim a "dumb ass" and now he was getting called it again. In a quick EVP session, we went around in a circle and everyone asked if the spirits thought s/he was a "dumb ass." In this clip, you'll hear Jim say, "Let's try it again. Am I a dumb ass?" At the 9 second mark, you'll hear what sounds like Read more [...]

Private Location (8/22/14): “F–king liar!”

I have started my review of my recordings from this private investigation. This clip is from the first room my group did: The parlor on the front left side of the house (from the front door). In this clip, you'll hear Mike say, "Just my speaker should be fine" to use for a playback of a quick EVP session. Just as he's finishing his statement, I clearly hear, "F---ing liar!" Read more [...]